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Pay after getting Visa

You only need to pay for our services once your visa gets 100% approved

housing search

Housing search

Study in Japan Excia can help you find the most suitable room near the school


Airport pick-up

Don't worry about getting lost upon your arrival, order our pick-up.



No need to be "lost in translation", our staff will always help you.

job in japan

Job Introduction

Would like to stay in Japan for work after school? We will gladly help you out.

Japan consulting


Consultation regarding any questions you may have about life in Japan.

EXCIA CO., LTD. aims to provide various necessary services for students who eager to learn Japanese language, culture and technology.

You can choose the most suitable school in Japan with our help! School atmosphere, number of students, tuition, we can research all of it and offer you the best school according to your needs!

Recommended Schools


Tokyo, Gifu, Nagano

ISI Japanese school

ISI is a Japanese language school chain with various campuses throughout the country.
They offer various courses for different levels!


Tokyo ELS


ELS Japanese school

ELS is a Japanese language school located in the very heart of Tokyo slightly off Shinjuku.
You can find courses of different intensity here.



Tokyo, Osaka, Saga

Human Japanese School

Human Academy is a Japanese language school with branches all over Japan.
They offer preparatory Japanese courses as well as practical




JOTO Japanese school

JOTO Japanese language school is one of the most popular schools among students from Asia.
It offers beginners to advance courses.


General Academic Information and Estimates

Year Start Course Application period
April Pre-College/College 1 year/ 2 year (Pre-College/College 1 year) July 1 ~ November 30
July Pre-College/College (1 year and 9 months/ 2 years) January 15 ~ February 28
October Pre-College/College (1 year and 6 months/ 2 years) January 1 ~ May 31
January Pre-College/College (1 year and 3 months/ 2 years) June 1 ~ August 31

*All the given prices are rough estimate, Study in Japan by Excia does not guarantee any school tuition prices. The prices will depend on the school and the time of your application as well as many other factors.

Application Fee ¥50,000
1 year ¥700,000~
1 year + 3 months ¥800,000~
1 year + 6 months ¥1,000,000~
1 year + 9 months ¥1,150,000~
2 years ¥1,300,000~

Application Process


Send us your CV along with school records by mail.


Excia will examine your documents and have a teleconference interview.


Once you pass, we will send you school details, and you will need to send us your original documents and school application fee (¥50,000)


EXCIA ltd. will submit application for Certificate of Eligibility on your behalf.


Excia will send you the certificate, and you may need to pay your tution fee to the school (depends on the case).


Take your Certificate of Eligibility, go to the nearest Japanese Embassy and apply for visa.


Once you got your visa, complete Excia service payments.


When all fees are paid and documents aquired, you're ready to go to Japan!


Arrive in Japan, let EXCIA show you your house and school and start studying!

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